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Pipette Filter

Socal Biomed pipette filter tips have a non-self-sealing PE filter that is free from chemical additives and allows easy uncontaminated sample recovery if the filter is wetted and are used to prevent aerosol cross-contamination between samples and are reco

added: 2023-01-19


Peptides UK is the leading supplier of premium research peptides in the UK.

added: 2022-10-28

chemistry assignment

Get assignment help UK online from native subject experts and secure top grades. Native Assignment Help offers the best assignment writing service to students at 45% off. Chemistry assignment help is a specialized online study service for students.

added: 2022-10-20

Mini Centrifuge Machine

This mini centrifuge machine is a compact laboratory product that is easy to use with a mechanism to carry out the centrifuge process accurately which is called centrifugation through which the liquid particles are separated according to their size, shape

added: 2022-09-28

Overhead Mixer

Socal Biomed offers efficient and carefully controlled overhead mixer models for the safe and effective mixing of large volumes of liquids. Our overhead stirrer mixer is widely used in chemical synthesis, pharmaceutical industry and more.

added: 2022-09-08

Peptides Ireland

Peptides Ireland is the leading supplier of research peptides in Europe.

added: 2022-07-12

NCERT Solutions Class 11 Chemistry Chapter 12 Organic Chemistry

NCERT Solutions Class 11 Chemistry Chapter 12 Organic Chemistry Basic Principles Techniques has solutions for NCERT intext and exercise questions.

added: 2022-05-23

Effective Physical Chemistry eLearning Resources

It becomes important to get effective physical chemistry elearning resources so that you can learn it better, a better source gives you a better knowledge.

added: 2022-01-03

Specialty Chemicals for Various Industry

Not just providing chemicals, but you will get solutions to the various problems you are experiencing. Get more precise recommendations for your company's operations. Making operations more effective and efficient and getting good technical services

added: 2021-11-29

Autoclaves de Laboratorio

Tetsaka es la única que te ofrece cinco funciones de operación para diferentes ciclos de esterilizado de acuerdo con cada material a esterilizar, así como sistema de cerrado radial hermético en acero inoxidable.

added: 2020-10-28


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