How to exchange links?

1 A link exchange is accomplished by a very simple yet effective procedure. Linkorado users log in to their account and browse our directory. Once an approriate website has been found the user clicks on the "Request" button to request a link exchange. The owner of that site is informed by e-mail of a pending link exchange request and can either accept the request (Yes-I want to exchange links with you) or decline the request (No-I don't want to).

2 Then it is back to the original user. He or she will be informed of the choises made. If the request was accepted it is time to place the first link on your site. By using Linkorado's unique link verification tool you can identify the page this link was put on. Linkorado will monitor that page, including the path to it, to verify the link is still active. The accepting user will be informated again by e-mail that the first link was placed on the site of the requesting party.

3 To complete the link exchange the accepting party must put a link back (called the 'back link') to the requesting site. This is done in a similar way as the the first link. Once this link is identified and verified by Linkoroado the exchange is completed. Both parties will receive a "Links Exchanged" e-mail. Linkorado will be monitoring both links and will inform one or either parties when a link is missing.

Flow chart #1 shows how it's done. 'RU' is the Requesting user, 'AU' is the Accepting User (or declining user).


flow chart #1


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