Official Launch

Posted at October 1st, 2010
After some serious testing last month we now finally think is stable enough to present it to the public. We have had the time to fix some minor issues, correct typos and test some new features. From now on is your Link Partner Meeting Point.

We would like to thank all of our test users that made this possible. We really appreciated the feedback, complaints, compliments, bug reports, questions and remarks we got. Now we have upgraded from testing to production, we still would like to hear all your feedback. Use the contact-us-link somewhere on this page.

This might also be a good moment to answer some frequently asked questions:
  1. Can I add more sites?
    Yes, add as many sites as you want. Currently there is no limit.
  2. Will you publish my name or e-mail address?
    No. Only your url, title and descriptions will be displayed.
  3. Can you add a category named XYZ?
    Yes, but only if we think more than 1 site will be listed in that category. Send us an e-mail with your suggestion.
  4. I can't find category XYZ?
    Take a look at our sitemap. All directories and subdirectories are listed there. Use CTRL+F to search.
  5. Why must I select the page I put a link on?
    That is so our software can monitor the link exchange. As soon as one of the links is removed, both parties will be notified.
  6. I can't use the top navigation items anymore, your balloons and decorations are in the way?
    True. Enjoy while it lasts!
To conclude again our greatest appreciation for the feedback we received last month and happy exchanging! team

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