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Back Pain Treatment

Dr. Sherief Elsayed is a UK board-certified spine surgeon, specializing in spine surgery, back pain treatment, and sports medicine. He has performed several thousand operations surgeries in the United Kingdom and in the United Arab Emirates. Contact Dr. S

added: 2022-01-07

Sciatica Treatment in Dubai - Dr Sherief Elsayed

Are you Looking for sciatica treatment in Dubai? Then visit Dr. Sherief Elsayed in Dubai who is one of the best spine doctors for sciatica treatment.

added: 2021-12-09

Podiatry Adelaide

The Inertia Health Groups Podiatry Adelaide can help correct all of your discomfort and issues relating to issues with your feet. Pain in your lower back and knees can stem from improper foot care. Our team of podiatrists can complete an assessment for th

added: 2021-10-12

Neck pain treatment in Dubai -Dr. Sherief Elsyed

If you need a spine doctor for neck pain treatment in Dubai, visit Dr. Sherief Elsayed. Neck pain can get worse over time. Its immediate treatment is suggested.

added: 2021-10-09

Reviews for Modafinil Guide Uses, Side Effects, & Dosing

Modafinil: learn about side effects, dosage, special precautions, and more medicine is in a class of medications called wakefulness promoting agents.

added: 2021-09-07

Importance Of Panchakarma In Diabetes!!!

In Ayurveda, Diabetes is co-associated with Madhumeha. Panchakarma like Abhyangam, swedanam, vasti, virechanam is useful in the Ayurvedic remedy of diabetes.

added: 2021-08-10

Medical Marijuana Card

Are you looking for medical marijuana card? Consult with an experienced medical marijuana Doctors and get your medical marijuana card in minutes.

added: 2021-07-19

Ayurvedic Home Remedies

A Complete guide of the Ayurvedic Home Remedies to treat various diseases at home using Ayurveda herbs or natural substances. So browse our natural wellness guide to create a healthy lifestyle in all seasons. Know the naturopathic herb's best benefits and

added: 2021-07-03

Sangoma And Traditional Healer in JHB +27838962951

I am a Sangoma And Traditional Healer +27838962951, and also a spiritual herbalist healer, who not only deliver on what he promises but also helps you to over come the daily challenges that you face. As a sangoma and traditional healer i solve all issues

added: 2021-06-28

Infrared Sauna Blanket

Take back control of your body and know you’re giving it exactly what you want to, when you want to. Live your life a little more pain-free and stress-free with infrared sauna blanket. 

added: 2021-06-22


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