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the Nomadic Oracle

The Nomadic Oracle seeks to bring together the Senses, the five Elements and other more subtle energies by reference to both the aura and the basic chakra system. When opened it can bring clarity to the present and provides a tool to the subconscious.

added: 2010-11-02

chakra meditation

The main chakra centers for healing your spirit and create inner bliss Chakra Meditation, Seven Chakras, Seven Chakras Meditation

added: 2010-11-02

CigarPoet Affirmations

CigarPoet Affirmations and inspirational messages to promote spiritual growth and emotional well-being through the art of poetry, visual art, and cigar culture.

added: 2010-10-03

Yogi Philosophy -yoga teachings

Yoga - the highest teachings for spiritual development

added: 2010-09-24

A Free Online Experience in Developing Spirituality

B-Loved is a short, but powerful online experience that gives participants an opportunity to revive, renew or establish their own spiritual relationships.The experience is open to those searching for healing of their emotional wounds that have occured dur

added: 2010-09-06

Inspirational Word, Music, and Visuals

A site featuring inspirational music, famous quotes, and quality photographic images.

added: 2010-08-31


A spiritual web site that aims to bring users a little closer to spirit. This site offers a wonderful section on mantras, meditation and crystals as well as so much more.

added: 2010-08-28

Sacred Space

Sacred Space is a website full of short stories and inspirational poems written to uplift your soul and brighten your day.

added: 2010-08-28

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